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Montreal, September 17, 2010---CRARR is seeking metro riders of color who have been charged with criminal offenses after being intercepted by inspectors in metro stations such as Snowdon, Cote Saint-Catherine and Plamondon.

CRARR is presently assisting two Black persons, one woman and one man, both in their 30s, who were violently intercepted by inspectors and who are subsequently arrested and charged with obstruction of justice and assault by the police; both these cases involve the same inspector who used identical patterns of verbal and non-verbal conduct that is deemed to be abusive, violent and degrading towards the two Black professionals. A third case involving a young Black female student is also being handled by CRARR and brought before the human rights commission.

Due to the similar pattern of interception and interaction in all three cases, and complaints from other riders and residents in the Cote des Neiges district, CRARR is seeking additional information and cases in order to launch more legal actions against the Montreal Transit Authority (MTA) for having violated racialized metro riders' civil rights.

In the last twelve months, CRARR has a total of 17 civil rights cases before the human rights commission against the MTA and some of its inspectors. These cases help identify a pattern of 25 practices that go beyond individual conduct in the way that metro riders of color are intercepted, fined, charged and in some cases, assaulted.

In addition, CRARR also provides legal assistance to riders who are charged with a criminal offense.

CRARR has also identified the Montreal police's practice of systematically refusing to accept complaints from metro riders who wish to press criminal charges of assault against MTA inspectors, even in cases involving young girls who are treated with excessive and brutal force.

Civil rights complaints against the City of Montreal and its police employees must be filed within six months from the incident, while those against the MTA, within two years. Police ethics complaints must be filed within one year.

Individuals who wish to launch legal actions or who need legal counsel for their defense are encouraged to write to