Founded in 1983 - United for Diversity and Racial Equality


Montreal, September 3, 2010 --- In recent months, CRARR has been seized with a growing number of complaints involving racialized students, especially those attending McGill University and Concordia University, who claim to have been racially discriminated against and profiled by law enforcement officers, STM inspectors and private security guards.

Some of these cases include:

  • Courtney B., a Black Concordia student and sportsman, who was denied entrance in a downtown pub due to his baggy pants. All his white friends with similar clothing went in, but he was stopped at the door;
  • Jackie J., a Black McGill student who was intercepted and arrested in the downtown Peel metro station for standing and talking to a Hispanic friend;
  • Reginald C., a Black Concordia student who went home from a Concordia party and was intercepted, arrested and charged by the Montreal Police near his house in Montreal-North;
  • Amal A., an Arab Concordia student who was arrested downtown and fined $1,020 by two Montreal Police officers while walking home from the university library at night.
  • After having reviewed university information materials, CRARR staff note a lack of adequate practical information for students (and employees) about their civil rights in daily contexts, such as employment, housing, education and other public services. These resources are vital in ensuring quality education and a safe learning environment for students.

    Consequently, CRARR is launching the Student Civil Rights Information Project (SCRIP) for the Fall of 2010. This joint initiative between Concordia and McGill student associations will aim to empower students by better informing them about their civil rights when faced with discrimination. Associated activities include the unprecedented addition of a civil rights page to student handbooks; training sessions for student service coordinators and volunteers, and information panels.

    To this end, CRARR is seeking sponsors and donors interested in making a financial contribution to SCRIP. These donations will help to cover the cost of researchers, training materials, publicity (i.e.: 1,000 posters featuring pictures of successful plaintiffs against discrimination), public service announcements for radio and TV, venue rental, etc.

    Donations from student associations and businesses catering to students, such as cafés, bookstores, grocery stores and restaurants are especially welcome. They will be acknowledged through the inclusion of the business or association's logos on posters and other materials on-line.

    Partners and sponsors to date include the Concordia Student Union (CSU) Student Advocacy Office; the CSU Legal Information Clinic; the CSU Off-Campus Housing and Job Bank; TVMcGill,and the 2110 Centre for Gender Advocacy. Others will be confirmed in coming weeks.

    For more information, please call CRARR's Communication Officer Ryan Birks at 514-939-3342.