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Montreal, July 22, 2010---An Asian male supervisor who was fired by a major department store after two years of employment due to arbitrary job evaluation criteria and reasons, may set in motion a systemic inquiry into the store's employment practices.

The case will draw attention to the obstacles for Asians in management positions in general and the minority hiring record of this North American chain in particular.

The store is located downtown and has a significant multiracial clientele; however, very few people of color are found in supervisory and management positions, as most are concentrated in the customer service and clerical positions.

The complaint has been filed today by CRARR on behalf of the man with the Quebec Human Rights and Youth Rights Commission. In addition to damages, CRARR is asking the Commission to review the company's employment practices and order an employment equity program in order to ensure fair minority representation at all job levels.

In another civil rights complaint filed last April against another major North American chain located in Anjou, an East-end suburb of Montreal, CRARR also asked the human rights commission to examine the pattern of employment and termination of customer service workers of color in the flagrance and cosmetics section of the store.

Most salespersons of color working in that department had been regularly subjected to a race-poisoned working environment and termination. On behalf of an Arab male who was fired when he threatened to take legal action against a harassing white female colleague, CRARR is also asking the commission to order mandatory antiracism training for managers.