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crarrinfo - Posted on 12 août 2011

As part of its Student Civil Rights Information Project (SCRIP), CRARR will co-host a panel discussion on racial profiling which will be held on September 28th 2011 from 3:00-5:00 pm, in the Wendy Patrick Room of the Wilson Hall, located at 3507 University (McGill metro).

The panel discussion will mark the opening of this year's SCRIP activities at McGill, which will consist of a series of activities throughout the course of the upcoming school year, aimed at informing students at Concordia and McGill Universities on issues of civil rights and discrimination. SCRIP is a CRARR initiative launched last year with the mandate to encourage students to take an active role in advocating for equal rights through access to knowledge and pertinent information.

The two-hour panel discussion will provide social work and other students at the undergraduate and graduate levels, as well as faculty members, with a basic understanding of racial profiling in different laws and recourses and a clearer understanding of the role of specific institutions in addressing this issue within a social work perspective

Francois Larsen, Director of Research, Communications and Policy from the Commission des droits de la personne et droits de la jeunesse, will speak on his firsthand experience in dealing with cases of racial profiling at the Human Rights Commissions of Ontario and Quebec and provide a clearer understanding for students of how racial profiling is defined and handled by the Quebec Commission and the complications in investigating such cases. He will also speak on the recently released report of the Commission's public consultation on racial profiling.

Mr. Larsen will be joined by Mr. Gérald Savoie, a senior representative of the Batshaw Youth and Family Centres, who will speak on racial profiling in the specific context of the youth protection system and the recent initiatives that have been implemented at Batshaw to address issues of discrimination, equality and challenges with diversity.

Please note that although this event will be tailored specifically to social work students, it will be open to students from all faculties and professionals from community organizations and related fields of practice are also welcome to attend.

This event, which is open to all and free of charge, is organized in partnership with the Social Work Students Association (SWSA), the Racialized Students Network (RSN) and the Social Equity and Diversity Education office (SEDE).